Health tips for the first time you have sex

Health tips for the first time you have sex

We know the thought of 'losing it' can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn't have to be to enjoy sex. Whether you're straight, gay or anything in between - we've got some top tips to help make sure your first time is fun and enjoyable.

1. Talk About It

Whether it's with an older sibling, friend, or doctor - talk to someone mature and experienced about your decision. Sure, you may feel certain about it in your mind at the moment, but discussing it out loud can help process the decision on a deeper level. This can scare you a little, and may even raise some questions you haven't thought of yet. No problem, it simply means you'll be even more prepared once you find the solution and overcome the obstacles.

2. Get Ready

If someone told you that you don't need to prepare anything and it will all come naturally to you - they are wrong. We can all do with a little preparation so that we are not spared from any situation that may come. Read about intercourse, methods of protection, sexually transmitted diseases, sex organs and the erogenous zone. Again, make sure you have everything you might need like condoms and lubricants. You can pick up a few types at any drugstore if you're not sure what will work best -- order them online or ask a friend to accompany you if you're nervous.

3. Understand Consent

The most important part about having sex for the first time, the last time, or any time in between is consent. It should be verbal and enthusiastic; Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There will be some people who will try to degrade it or make fun of it. If you feel unsafe at any point, reconsider your decision. No means no, stopping means stopping - make sure your partner understands and respects that.

4. Establish trust 

You may think that you are going to be with your partner for the rest of your life or that you may know that having sex with them will only be a one-time thing. When it comes to your physical and mental health, however, knowing that you can trust this person can make your experience much better and safer. You have nothing but a description about your sexual history – the last time you got tested for sexually transmitted diseases, if you tested positive for any of them, and if you were treated. You should ask the same things to your partner. Should you want to let them know that this is your first time it is entirely your call - it can help them to be extra careful and not be shocked in case of any bleeding. Talk to them about what their expectations are, put yours ahead as well.

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 5. Have fun with foreplay

You may be nervous and just want to finish your first time, but take your time with foreplay. It may take some time for women to become aroused, which allows the vagina to naturally lubricate itself. If there is enough lubrication your first time will go a lot easier. Without lubrication, you may experience discomfort and pain and may even cause a small cut or tear in the vagina due to friction.

6.Remember hygiene 

It is a good idea to cut your nails beforehand. Wash your hands properly before starting. Use a new condom for every sexual activity, even if you don't ejaculate. Women should urinate before and immediately after sex to reduce the chances of urinary tract infections – cuddling can be avoided for a minute. Men should wait 15 minutes to urinate after intercourse. Once you are done, wipe off any body fluid with a wet towel or tissue.

and and and must have enjoy funnnn

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