Masturbation is harmful or Normal

Masturbation is a common and healthy sexual activity that has several side effects. Many bizarre claims surround masturbation as blind and most of these claims are untrue.

Masturbation is sexual arousal and self-stimulation of the genitals to achieve pleasure, usually from orgasm (sexual arousal) to it usually by touching, stroking or massaging the penis or clitoris until orgasm is achieved. Some women use vaginal stimulation to masturbate or use "sex toys" such as vibrators.


About everyone. Masturbation is a very common behavior even among sexual partners. In a national survey, 95% of men and 89% of women reported that they masturbated. Masturbation is the first sexual act experienced by most men and women. Masturbation in young children is a common part of their body search for growing children. Most people continue to masturbate at a young age and many do it throughout their lives.

Masturbate:Why People Do it

Along with feeling good, masturbation is a great way to overcome sexual excitement that can develop over time, especially for non-partners or those whose partners are not ready or available for sex. Masturbation is for those who want to avoid the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Safe sex option. It is also necessary to give a man a semen sample to test for infertility or to donate sperm. When sexual dysfunction is present in an adult, a sex therapist advises a man to masturbate to arouse (often in women) or to delay his or her arrival.

Is Masturbation Harmful?

1. Masturbation reduces sperm count!
Real: Masturbation releases sperm from the body. However, there is no long-term problem. However, if a couple is planning to have children, it is wise to avoid masturbating too much.

2. Excessive masturbation can cause damage to the genitals!
Real: First of all, there is no such thing as extra masturbation. The higher the physical demand, the higher the masturbation. It is actually a proportional process. It does not harm our genitals. However, if the soft part of the genitals undergoes the process of masturbation repeatedly, it can cause pain.

3.Blindness from masturbation!
Fact: It is scientifically proven that blindness has nothing to do with masturbation. Many tests have proved the same thing.

Benefits of masturbation

Masturbation has many physical and mental health benefits.

Some studies specifically focus on the benefits of masturbation, but studies show that sexual arousal, including arousal through masturbation:

*reduce stress
*release tension
*enhance sleep quality
*boost concentration
*elevate mood
*relieve menstrual cramps
*alleviate pain
*improve sex

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